Back With A Case Study

  1. How’s it going? It’s been a while…
  2. One of my recent Client’s sales has increased nearly 10 TIMES after working with me… (I’ll tell you more in a second)
  3. Let me explain where I’ve been and what’s happened the past two months:

At the beginning of April, my wife Ashley and I held a co-webinar. It went really well! Several hundred people attended and we had an excellent discussion about how to get unstuck, monetize your social media and stand out. If you missed it, I’m sorry!

After the webinar, I spent the rest of April coaching new clients and preparing for a month-long Europe vacation. If you want to see where I went, go check out my Instagram and look at the recent posts. I had a blast but was excited to come back home to Nashville and get back to work.

Now for some cool news…:

A Client of mine I coached in April shared with me some very exciting news. She owns a small online boutique – she sells women’s clothing. She came to me with the goal of increasing sales/profits enough to be able to quit her full-time job and do the boutique, full time.

I caught up with her a few days ago and she shared her sales numbers with me. Take a look below. These are PayPal transactions, only, for the past 4 months:

February: $911………. March: $4531………. April: $8196……… May: $9375

These results are incredible! We started working together beginning of April and her sales DOUBLED between March and April. They increased by another ~13% from April to May and she’s closing in on 5-figures for the month.

We came up with a strategy that would grow and strengthen her Facebook page. Follower count has increased 265% since we started working together – it is still growing. This is the primary reason for the revenue increase.

I’m so proud of this Client – she’s getting closer to leaving her full-time job and becoming a full-time entrepreneur! So exciting to see and be a part of this!


I’ll be sharing more Client stories soon. For now, I wanted to say “hi!” again and let you know i’m back from vacation.

If you are interested in learning more about coaching, please send me an email:  I’d love to chat with you!



Not Diversifying Where Your Content Lives Will Crush You

In a statement given by Mark Zuckerberg (co-founder and CEO of Facebook, which also owns Instagram) given this week, he apologized to the Facebook community at how Facebook mismanaged users’ data.
Partially because of this, Facebook lost about $50 BILLION in value this week…
This is not the first time Mark Z. has made statements which have bruised the value of the company.  Earlier this year he announced Facebook would be changing users’ home feed by showing less content from publishers and business pages and more of “what people want”.  Apparently Facebook thinks you really want to see political rants from uncle Joe and shared survey results your grandma posts… interesting.  🙂
What is happening to Facebook?  Simply put, they’re trying to figure out how to keep their users  (1.2 billion people worldwide) engaged.  If they don’t have engaged users, they don’t make money from their advertisers.
The problem arises when FB tries to show its users more content they “want to see” which causes advertisers have less of a chance to have THEIR content seen. If less people are viewing ads, Facebook isn’t making as much money,
If Facebook doesn’t have as many engaged users, it decreases the reasons content creators have to share content on Facebook. Content creators share content for very few reasons. 1. They want to partner with brands to make money. 2. They want to sell services or goods they make to their followers. 3. They simply want to be famous, whatever the reason. If a platform, Facebook or others, doesn’t have engaged users, content creators leave.
Where Facebook goes from here, I’m not totally sure. Here’s what I think could happen:
Investigators continue to uncover scandals about the Facebook’s misuse of users’ personal information sold to advertisers. This will drive their stock price down. It won’t knock them out for good but it will for sure shrink the size and value of their company, significantly. Knowing their information is being sold and discovering what that actually means, users will be turned off and use the platform less, if at all. The more people shy away from Facebook, the weaker that platform becomes for content creators such as you and I.
How will Instagram be affected?
Right now, Instagram is much hotter than Facebook, in my opinion. Engagement is strong, usage is high and increasing, more and more people sign up every day. Sure lots of people complain about their posts not getting seen and the algorithm is so hard to figure out, but overall, people are still using the platform at record rates.
I think Instagram has the potential to surpass Facebook in number of monthly active users. The nature of Instagram is more simple than Facebook and they haven’t done anything horribly wrong to screw it up yet – which helps.
But, and this is a big but, don’t forget Facebook owns Instagram and their number goal is to make money. They’re going to do whatever they think it takes in order to make money.
If by some weird chance, Facebook dies and Instagram follows suit… where will you go with your content? Have you ever thought about that?
Do you have a blog?
Do you have an email list?
Are you on YouTube, SnapChat, Pinterest or Twitter?
Do you even know what and Twitch are?
Where will your target audience go?
These are questions we all need to ask ourselves. The reality is, if your audience is located in one place and you do not own the platform where they are located, you do not actually own your audience. Whether you have 100 or 10 million followers – you need to have a diversified portfolio of platforms where you share your content.
Make no mistakes – Instagram and Facebook (especially Instagram) are incredibly powerful. My business depends on them, but not my entire business. I’ve made efforts to build my audience on other platforms just in case something happens to them. Have you?
Are you interested in learning more about how to build an audience on platforms other than Instagram and Facebook?  Do you know how and why you should?  Hopefully after reading this article you see the importance of diversification.
If you want to chat more, shoot me an email:
I’d love to chat with you.

Is it Worth “Boosting Posts” on Instagram?

I spent $130 promoting three different posts on my Instagram page.

I had always seen those prompts that say, “This post is performing better than 90% of your previous posts. Click here to boost it to show more people.” Have you seen those, too?

I decided to experiment with this and put some money behind it to see if it’s actually effective or not.

The results were a little bit surprising… but not too surprising.

Here’s the first photo I boosted:

I put $30 behind this post. It’s a cute one of my wife eating an ice cream cone and the caption was a corny joke about how Reese Witherspoon eats her ice cream (with her spoon) get it….?  😉

There was no call to action in the caption. The prompt on the ad was “view this Instagram profile”.

As you can see, 23 people clicked to view my profile. If I was the one in the photo, I promise it would have been even fewer people that would have viewed it.

This is not 23 new followers… this is 23 people visited my profile. I don’t believe I received any new followers from this post.

Was this post a success? If my goal was to gain followers, which it was, then no – not a success.

I spent $50 on the next promotion. The goal here was to get people to visit my profile so they’d watch my Instagram Story. The particular story I wanted them to watch is the Story that’s in my profile Highlights where I share about my professional background and what I do now for work – help people learn how to do social media the right way.

The results of this promotion were much more effective! 127 profile visits. Assuming every one of those people watched at least the first post on my Instagram Story, that’s not bad, right?

Considering the first post has over 4500 views, it’s not great. I spent 50 dollars to get a very small percentage of the views on that story. Did any of these turn into paying Clients for me? I’m not sure and unfortunately there is no way to track that. Bummer!

Do I consider this promotion a success?  No – $50 is a lot of money for 127 views when you consider how many views that story is at on its own. The number could’ve been worse, but I don’t think it converted into many followers or sales for me.

The most recent post I boosted was this one here:

Another $50 – this time I got 21 clicks to visit my website. I was pushing a free guide my wife and I were giving away. I got 21 clicks! That is more than $2 per click. Not a horrible metric if you’re familiar with how much people spend for targeted clicks on Facebook ads. Was this a success?

In all honesty, I did not think this promotion was going to do well! I was anticipating it to tank. I don’t think that it did, though. I’d say this third promotion was a success. Happy I got 21 people over to my site to claim their free guide. What did I get in return? Their email addresses.

To wrap up my thoughts on whether or not you should promote posts on Instagram, I think we need to look at the purpose of your promotion/post. If you are wanting to get people to simply visit your profile, the best way to get people over there is not by spending tons of money on boosting posts. Save your money, make more content, gain more followers. If, however, you have a very specific purpose for why you want people to go to your website or something such as this, the promotion may be fruitful. I am happy I got that many clicks. Is it still expensive to spend $50 to potentially gain 21 email addresses? Yes, it is. Would I do it again? I would consider it – as long as I have something of great value for the people who will see the promotion.

Two more things:  We made a guide (this is a revised version from the one I’ve previously given out and there are worksheets to go with it now… super cool and very valuable!) to help you discover three reasons your social media isn’t growing, and what to do about it. The guide was written by my wife and I and it’s FREE!  If you want it, click this link here and enter your email, then download.  Last thing: Make sure you’re keeping up with me on my Instagram @mikelemieux. My wife Ashley (@theshineproject on Instagram) and I have a very special and exciting announcement coming up in the next few days and you won’t want to miss it!

When You Feel Lost in the Social Media “Ocean”

After talking to literally hundreds of business owners, social influencers and other successful individuals, I’ve come to one conclusion:

Most people feel like social media is an ocean and they are lost at sea…

Who could blame anyone for feeling this way? Everywhere you look, everyone seems to have it all figured out.

Bloggers posting a sponsored post every day.  Fitness experts boasting about their client roster.  Moms with 6 kids that have all been bathed, fed and are SO happy to take a family photo in front of their garage… People are having success and you’re over here in your PJ’s and Halo Top ice cream pint asking yourself “when do I get my big break?”

Some of you reading this post have been on social media longer than I have (about 3/4 of a decade) and some of you are new(ish) to it – joined within the past year.  After being on social media for a while, an interesting phenomenon happens to us:  We begin to start looking around us (like the guy in the boat above) and we see other people having crazy success.

When we see others around us, one of two things usually happens:

  1. We get jealous of their success and wonder why we don’t have what they have.
  2. We are happy for their success, get our courage and energy up and go make stuff happen for ourselves.

The first option is dangerous. No good comes from negatively comparing ourselves with others and sliding down the slippery slope of jealousy. That’s not good. If you’ve found yourself on that path – get off it as quickly as possible. RED ALERT! Get off that path…

The second possible scenario is much healthier. How do we get to this option? You have to realize that everyone really is different than each other. We all have similarities but we have differences that make us unique and interesting. This is a good thing, trust me.

I’ve seen literally thousands of social influencers and worked with many of them. The ones that “get it” (meaning, the ones who are figuring out the social media game) are the ones who are posting content that sets themselves apart from others. It doesn’t mean they are doing something completely different – they are just doing things sorta different… you don’t have to reinvent the wheel – you have to make it better, faster, cheaper, more expensive… you get where i’m going with this.

People that are bashful or lack self-confidence rarely grow bigger than a few hundred followers. People like following those who believe in themselves and are out here doing interesting things. People LOVE to watch others… it’s true!

Think about when you pass by an accident on the freeway. Everyone drives by at the turtle-ish speed of 3mph. They’re doing it to be safe, but more accurately, they’re doing it to see what the heck was the reason they’ve been stuck in traffic for the past 30 minutes. Then, a miracle happens.  All of the cars that used to be in front of you… disappeared.

People LOVE to watch what’s going on around them. They love being entertained. We crave it. Often times, in short, compact doses. I recently heard a person’s average attention span is approximately 9 seconds… which, if this is true, may mean you didn’t even make it this far in my blog post… 😉   How do you use this to your advantage?  By being unique, interesting and engaging, immediately.

Give people what they want as fast as possible. You can keep people’s attention longer than 9 seconds, you just have to show them value in your content, right away.

Now, I know how hard it can be to set yourself apart and make your feed feel different than everyone else’s… I’ve been there, personally. For this reason, I want to help you out today.

Normally I sell this, but I want to hook you guys up for free right now.

I’ve created a short document called “The 3 Biggest Reasons Your Social Media Isn’t Growing” that I would like you to have, for free. I know it will help you and it is a very quick read (about as long as this blog post).

To get your copy for free, click this link. At checkout, type in the code:  3things    and it will be delivered to your inbox.

I hope you enjoy reading!


Not All Influencers Have “Real” Influence

Influencers… have you heard this word? Do you know what it means? Do you know what it SHOULD mean?

The term influencer means, in essence, someone that can make someone do, say, buy, view, etc., some thing.

On social media, people refer to individuals and businesses (but more-so individuals) that have a following (usually at least 10k-ish followers) as “influencer”. Today I ask a very important question:  Do all of these accounts on social media have REAL influence?

In short, the answer is NO!

I love to break it to you – not everybody on social media is a real influencer… Not everyone with followers can make their audience go do, say, buy, view, etc., some thing.

Over the past several years, I’ve worked with thousands of influencers, from 10k followers to tens of millions of followers, on branded social media campaigns for the world’s top brands. I have seen the results these influencer posts have driven – engagement, reach, brand awareness, sales, etc.

I’ve been absolutely shocked at times by the power some influencers have and dumbfounded at the lack of influence others have.

Does this sound like you?:  I am a brand/product/service provider that has heard about influencers but just don’t understand this whole world. It’s confusing to me! How do I know who to align myself with? How do I know they won’t go rogue and butcher the campaign? How do I know if their rates are fair? Etc., etc., etc.

I’ve spoken with hundreds of brands about influencer marketing. They all have questions and concerns about influencer marketing. The most popular and concerning one is:

How do I know which influencer to use?!

Here are the three MOST important things you need to look for when determining who would partner well with your brand:

  1. Content Alignment – Otherwise known as “brand safety”.

If you own a boutique that sells modest women’s clothing, don’t be tempted to email a female with 1 million Instagram followers that posts in bikinis and goes to the club every weekend. You need an influencer that posts content in a style similar to what you post.

Five years ago, I was in your shoes. My wife (@theshineproject on Instagram) had a business that was selling a fair amount of products for how long it had been open, and I discovered there were some people who amassed 50k, 100k… even 300k followers on Instagram. I thought, “I bet if I send them product and they post about it and tag us, we can increase our sales!”.  I began the arduous process of finding influencers, gathering their email addresses, figuring out how to get them to respond to my email, sending them product, and praying they post about it… Cumbersome and sometimes – not fruitful.

I even got burned several times. I’d send product to these gals and after it shipped, I would never hear from them again. It made me so mad!

I started noticing patterns, however, in the influencers. I learned who to approach and who not to approach. The response rate to my outreach emails started going up. More posts were going up. Sales were increasing. I sent some influencers product that did nothing in terms of sales. I continued learning. It was working.

I learned that if I was not targeting the right type of influencer to sell my wife’s bracelets and jewelry, even if they posted, I would not drive any sales. I had to target the influencers with followers that would want to buy the product. Sounds simple enough… but it’s similar to going to a car dealership and being wow’d by the Ford GT when all you needed was a Focus. Get what you need and can afford.

  1. Engagement – Likes, comments, views

Engagement is a huge indicator when determining if someone has “real influence” or not. If an influencer can get people to like and comment on their posts, there is a higher chance they can get them to do other things.

The great way to tell if someone has real influence is to read the comments on their posts and look at the number of likes and/or views their post has.

All content verticals have different engagement benchmarks, but as a general rule of thumb, an influencer that receives 2k likes for every 100k followers (2% engagement) is normal. Above 4%-5% is good. If they’re above 10%, that is great.

Comments are an even stronger indicator of engagement, but only if the comments are relevant to the post. It takes much more time to write a comment than it does to double tap a post. The follower feels more impacted by the post if they leave a comment.

  1. Their audience – Is your target customer a woman between the ages of 25-35? You’d better make sure your influencers have that audience!

How can you figure out if an influencer has the same audience as you?

Looking at the demographic of the influencers themselves is a great way. What type of content are they posting? Is it something YOU would post on your brand’s channel? Another strong indicator…

Another simple way is to tactfully ask your prospective influencers for their follower demographic. As shown in the below screenshot, you can see the age, location, gender, etc., of their followers. Don’t come right of the gate and ask them for this, though. Once they’ve replied back to your outreach email and want to know more about you/your company, that’s when you start asking questions to make sure it’s a mutually beneficial partnership.

Make sure to come back next week for more tips on influencers and influencer marketing.

How to Make the Most Out of Instagram Stories

August 2, 2016… No, this wasn’t just my 31st birthday… this was an important date for Instagram! This was the date Instagram launched Stories – their way of competing with Snapchat. Yes… it’s basically identical to Snapchat Stories with some variations, but hey, they say imitation is the highest form of flattery, right?

In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about why you need to be on Instagram Stories as well as how to do them the right way…

  1. Your Instagram Story needs to be exactly that – a story:
    a. It doesn’t necessarily matter how long your story is, it just needs to be engaging to your audience. It needs to be complete
    b. Do not just post random things like what you ate for breakfast, then cut 8 hours later to you’re getting ready and doing a makeup tutorial – just no.
    c. Since the beginning of time, people have loved a good story! They are entertaining and teach us things we didn’t know we wanted to know
  2. Stories need to be part educational, part entertaining:
    a. As you may know, one of my favorite words is “edutainment”. This is a cross between educational and entertainment. People go on social media, especially Instagram, to be entertained. They also like to learn… Put them together and you’ve got the perfect formula for an Instagram Story – edutainment
    b. Lean more towards the entertaining side of things… People don’t always want to learn. They go on social media to escape whatever it is they are supposed to be doing. They want to see what others are doing and feel like they’re a part of it
    c. The educational aspect of Stories should be very light – easily consumable, not hard to remember and makes them feel like they’ve learned.
  3. Use the features Instagram has provided you with:
    a. Today, Instagram came out with a new feature called “Type”. Type allows you to write in any text you want in a large variety of new fonts and backgrounds!
    b. The other features you can use on Instagram Stories are:
    i. Live
    ii. Boomerang
    iii. Superzoom
    iv. Rewind
    v. Hands-free
    vi. Stop-motion
    c. Instagram loves… I mean REALLY loves, people who use these features in their Stories. They love them because these Stories are always engaging and they keep people watching the Story longer – aka – they keep us in the app longer which is what Instagram wants. The longer we stay in the app and the more we come back, the more times they can show us an ad and they make more money.
  4. Instagram Stories is super effective at getting people to do something:
    a. About 3 weeks ago, I created an Instagram Story that explains to my followers, “What I Do”. I explain my professional background and what I’m currently doing for work. At the end of the Story, I explain how you can get a free 15 minute 1-on-1 consultation with me. I have had over 120 people fill out that survey and have gained numerous new Clients from it              b. With the new Highlights feature for Stories, you can save any Story you like for an indefinite amount of time! Which means, I don’t have to constantly repost my Story to my feed and lose all my followers because they’re sick of the same thing!

What do you think of this new “Type” feature on Instagram?

Do you think it’s pretty cool or pretty lame?


If you want to watch my Instagram Story I was just talking about, it’s in my profile click here to check it out.

PPS, If you want a chance to win a free consultation, click this link here.

Odds Are You’re Not Posting Enough

There will be a few of you that read this blog post who post enough. In fact, you might post too often. For the majority of you, odds are, you’re just not posting enough, my friend.

Like I mentioned a couple blog posts ago, the social media networks are all fighting for our time. They want us to stay in their app as long as possible. The apps (especially Instagram) reward content creators for posting good, high quality content. That’s right, if you’re posting crappy content that nobody is engaging with, Instagram is not going to reward you for that. You don’t get a gold star for turning in homework your dog ate half of. You need to turn in the best work, every time.

People often ask me how much they should post in a week. My answer to this question has changed over the years. It’s changed because so have the social platforms’ algorithms. I used to tell people 3, maybe 4 times per week. Now, I don’t set a maximum or a minimum number for people. It’s really about the QUALITY of your content that is going to be the determining factor of how many times a week you post. If you can produce high quality content at a large scale, post two or three times a day. If you can produce high quality content on a smaller scale, post as much as possible. If you’re not posting to Instagram stories, what are you doing with your life?

For Instagram, the three most important places you need to post are (in no particular order):

  1. Instagram Stories
  2. Main Instagram Feed
  3. Instagram Live

These are the three ways Instagram allows you to post content for others to see. They like when people use all their features to post content. Why? You’re giving their users more of a reason to continue using the app. That’s what Instagram wants – people to use their app. When you post all three of these content types on Instagram, you will be put into more users’ discovery pages and increase the likelihood of getting discovered by new followers. You just have to make sure you’re doing it consistently. That’s why I say, the more you post (high quality content) the better.

If you’re struggling for something to post, get out there in the world and create some content. It is better to not post at all if your content is lackluster. Wait until you’ve made a funny video rather than just posting another #tbt for the 5th week in a row, including last week when you did a throwback on Wednesday too. Get outside and make some new content, folks!

Ps, If you’re not signed up to receive our emails, you can do so here. I’ve got a special announcement coming next week that you won’t want to miss.

Relatable AND Unique

You need to be: relatable AND unique

Here’s a hypothetical / based on a real conversation I’ve had with a number of my Clients. Maybe you can relate to this…

Potential Follower (We’ll call her Phyllis the follower): “Hey Mike! Do you like to post things on social media?”

Me: “Yeah, definitely! I use social media for a lot of reasons. Sharing content with friends/family, sort of a photo journal, teaching others how to use social media, and other things.”

Phyllis: “That’s awesome! I’ve been wondering how to differentiate myself from all the other accounts out there. Seems like everyone I see nowadays on Instagram posts exactly like I do – pics of their family, food, travel, fitness, etc. I can’t figure out how to set myself apart from the crowd, and I’m getting discouraged about it. I feel… stuck.”

Me: “I hear you Phyllis. It’s all about being relatable AND unique. Even though we are all similar, we are still all very unique.”

That, my friends, is the key. We are all very similar. Whether you’re a SAHM, working mom, college student, athlete, business person, etc., we are all similar. However, at the same time, we ARE unique from one another. We live in different places, eat different food, like different music, travel to different locations, have different senses of humor… the list goes on and on. This is where the creativity should come out and we get to show off our other sides.

I want to help you, right now, figure out what makes you different than everyone else. Look at the bullets below and fill them out either in your head or on paper of your phone. If you do this, you’ll soon realize what makes you special for social and how you can differentiate yourself from others:

  1. What are the three things you are most passionate about?
  2. What are the three things you do better than your friends and family?
  3. What are the three things you want to improve about yourself?

From here, I want you to list them in order of strongest to weakest. For example, if you’re passionate about hair, fashion and fitness, what are you most passionate about compared to the least? Do this with all three of the lists you just made.

Once you’ve got your #1 for each list, look at them. These are things that make you special AND that you can post content about! If you’re making 2018 the year you take your health and life back and start working to drop 100 pounds, document that! If you want to take up boxing, document that! If you are a boss at doing hair, document that! Document it with photos and videos.

The trick is to not get too abstract with what you post about. You don’t want to take your love for listening to 18th / 19th century classical music and throw posts on your feed of you playing the air piano. People are going to think you’re a lunatic and/or not pay your videos any mind.

If you still are not sure what content you should be posting, look around at what everyone else is posting. Then, do something similar, but different. If you are a fashion blogger – are other fashion bloggers posting mommy-and-mini fashion every day? Are the other bloggers posting videos of their #OOTD? Are other bloggers posting pics of the process of how they find the right outfit to wear? All it takes is some good old-fashioned brainstorming to figure out what you should be posting. You can get creative – just allow yourself to.

Next week, we’ll be talking about how frequently and when you should post. It’s more scientific than you think.

The Power of Video

Posting videos is a powerful way to get exposure to your page.

As I scour through the content shown to me in the Discovery page on my Instagram account, I see various things:

  • A small section of live videos
  • Instagram Stories of people I don’t follow but might like
  • Videos I might be interested in
  • Photos and Videos based on photos/videos I’ve liked, people I follow, photos/videos I’ve saved, accounts I interact with, videos I’ve watched, etc.
  • Videos of celebrities, locations I’m in or have recently been to, trending topics and lots of other weird / cool things that Instagram wants to show me

When I analyze the top 30 posts (This does not include the huge squares of featured videos. But I probably should count those as 4 posts because that’s how large those squares are… see photo) approximately 35-45% of the posts are video.

I strongly, STRONGLY believe this number will go up as more content creators (you, me, your parents, your neighbors, your annoying colleagues) post more videos. What’s the reason for my opinion? It’s simple:  The major social/digital media networks (Facebook/Instagram, YouTube, SnapChat) are fighting for our time. They want all of it. They want to keep us in their platforms for as long as possible. Why do they want us to stay there? The longer we stay on their platforms, the more ads they can show us. The more ads they show us, the more money they make from their advertisers… more people, on the app longer, equals more money for them.

Some may argue that photos get you more engagement than videos. This can be true. However, do you see more photos go viral or videos that blow up the internet? My point exactly. Videos have the draw to be reposted by other accounts. Large accounts. Large accounts that by reposting and tagging you, draw people to your page and increase the amount of impressions, reach and followers your page gets. The engagement these photos get are only taking into consideration the likes the photos vs. videos get. You also need to look at comments, view count (video only) and the amount of times the post was saved. (Posts are saved by clicking the button on the right that looks like a ribbon. It’s only possible for the account that posted to content to see the number of times a post was saved by others).

Over the next two blogs, I will be sharing more things you need to be doing in order to get your content looking amazing and getting people over to your page. It’s easier than you think, but still incredibly difficult to gain followers. Each day that goes by, more and more content (about 100 million posts a day) go up on Instagram alone. The longer you wait to start posting, the harder it will be to grow.

New Instagram Analytics and Hashtag Follows

Two new things happened this week on Instagram:

  1. Follow hashtags
  2. Improved analytics for business profiles

It’s showing top posts to people that follow specific hashtags. Which means, if there is a hashtag that is starting to trend, you have a higher probability of getting shown to new people. One example we can look at is #KeatonJones. This was a hashtag that popped up after a video of him went viral this past week. Now, there are over 25,000 posts with that hashtag and #Keaton has over 100,000 posts! Anyone following those hashtags will see the top posts. This particular post would not be appropriate for all pages to use unless you’re posting your thoughts on the situation he was in, but you get the idea

Finding trending hashtags will take a little bit of digging, however, you can always google trending topics and find what to post about there. And if you’re wondering why Instagram chose #slime as the hashtag to use when they introduced this new feature, slime has been blowing up the internet for weeks/months. Don’t believe me? Go click on the hashtag on Instagram.

I’m super excited about these new analytics! They are probably pretty self-explanatory, but, it now shows where your impressions are coming from, how many followers you gained from a particular post and how many profile visits your post got. This is the biggest update on analytics since they launched them. Pretty cool.

Why is this important to have these analytics? It allows us to see how our followers are reacting to certain types of posts. For example, if you’re posting about fitness, fashion and hair tips, look at how the three different types of posts are performing on the backend. It very well could be that one or more of the categories of posts are performing better than others. This is important to know so you can have a better idea of what your followers and prospective followers want to see from you! HUGE for us!

What are your thoughts on the new analytics?